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Alternative structure for trade and drug access

This article, by Tim Hubbard and James Love, argues that the TRIPs system of global patent protection encourages monopoly supply of HIV drugs.  Unlike a number of other analysts, they suggest that the system can be reformed to encourage competition, rather than suggesting we scrap it altogether.

US fails to fulfill its promises to fight HIV/AIDS

From the New York Times: Three years ago, President Bush created the Millennium Challenge Account to give more money to poor countries that are committed to policies promoting development. Mr. Bush said his government would donate billions in incremental stages until the program got to a high of $5 billion a year starting in 2006. […]

Foreign Drugs Approved For Anti-AIDS Program

This Washington Post story of January 26 reports that the Bush Administration’s $15bn program to fight HIV in the developing world can now by inexpensive generic drugs from foreign companies rather than buy brand names. The FDA approved a package of generic drugs by Aspen Pharmacare of South Africa. There had been some concern that […]

Male circumcision may prevent HIV infection

Male circumcision, largely untested as an HIV intervention to date, could soon be a significant means to protect male populations from HIV infection.  The Population Council reports that male circumcision is associated with a 50% reduced risk of HIV infection in some populations in Africa.  The report maps out additional research needs before something as significant as population-based circumcision […]

A Closer Walk

This 2003 documentary seeks to reveal both the human costs of AIDS but also the political failings of the international community to come to grips with the problem. I’ve seen promos ads for it and have requested a copy.

AIDS in the Twenty-First Century : Disease and Globalization

This book is by a former professor of mine Tony Barnett. He is now at the LSE, formerly with the University of East Anglia’s School of Development Studies. His co-author is Alan Whiteside, from South Africa. I think they have a sort of anthropological/sociological view, looking at the consequences of AIDS, less focused on solutions […]

Links to Other Articles

I posted a number of articles in the Gems section worth taking a look at including: – My excerpt on HIV/AIDS from my dissertation which provides a preliminary look at the relative contributions of four of the major G-7 countries’ contributions to the Global Fund (U.S., Japan, Germany, and the UK). – Peter Singer’s 2004 […]

2005 Health in Foreign Policy Forum

February 4, 2005 coming up on health and foreign policy in Washington DC with a pretty heady cast of policy types. Feb 8 UPDATE: Webcast and transcript to be posted.

Washington Post AIDS in Africa Links

The Washington Post has a link to hundreds of stories tracking HIV/AIDS and international responses in Africa over the past four or five years. They have a great and sad six-part series from 2000-2001 called Death Watch. Links are down for it, but I’ll try to post them separately when I can find them…

The Next Wave of HIV/AIDS: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, India, and China

This 2002 National Intelligence Council report warned of a wave of new infections from China, Russia, India and other places. Very scary, and a good source of information.