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Is AIDS a security threat?

Journalist Stephan Faris has a nice essay in the recent Atlantic which looks at why the Pentagon ranks AIDS as a major security threat. The piece quotes from Sue Peterson’s paper (which we discussed at our Princeton meeting last year) that found a statistical connection between AIDS and a decline in socio-economic indicators which, in […]

More on African militaries, AIDS, and the Security Threat

I posted a comment on TPM Cafe about the link between AIDS and U.S. National Security. Here it is: The hollowing out of African militaries due to AIDS is a significant problem, and one that, as the author points out, bodes ill for peace-keeping operations as well as African solutions for African problems. What this […]

AIDS and African militaries

At TPM Cafe, Anne-Marie Slaughter posts a note from a former student working in South Africa on AIDS Prevention. Estimates suggest 23% of the South African military is HIV+ and that 7 of 10 deaths in the military are AIDS-related. This may make it much harder for African militaries, the South African military in particular, […]

AIDS/Famine Link in Africa

This 2003 paper by Alex de Waal and Alan Whiteside may give us a better appreciation for why Africa has hade more food security issues in recent years. (Hat tip: Becky). Here is the abstract: Southern Africa is undergoing a food crisis of surprising scale and novelty. The familiar culprits of drought and mismanagement of […]

Up to 23% in South African Army have HIV/Aids

“Between 17 and 23 percent of SA National Defence Force members may be infected with HIV/Aids, Defence Minister Mosiuoa Lekota said on Tuesday.” This official figure from the government has been bandied about to undermine previous reports from a report that said 89% of the military was HIV positive. That figure came from a self-selected […]