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South Africa MD px multivitamins, not ARVs

To follow up the point
yesterday about Duesberg, here’s an example of junk science and commercial self-promotion attempting to muscle out accepted HIV therapy, pedaling vitamin pills in its
place (BBC, “Doctor must stop SA Aids adverts“, 3 Mar 2006).  According to the BBC, Dr Mattias Rath, a South African doctor,
claims that ARVs are toxic.  A joint statement from the World Health Organization,
UNICEF and UNAIDS describes Dr Rath’s
public claims and advertisements as dangerous and unhelpful.  According to the BBC, “
AIDS workers in South Africa say that some people have stopped using
ARVs following Dr Rath’s public campaigns. Dr Rath has long advocated
the health benefits of vitamins, in conditions as diverse as cancer,
heart failure and osteoporosis. 
The profits from his vitamin marketing company go to support his health foundation.”

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