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Lover Man, Where Can You Be?

The creator of Loverspy, software to surreptitiously observe individuals’ online activities, has been indicted for allegedly violating U.S. federal computer privacy laws. If convicted, Carlos Enrique Perez-Melara, could face a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison and fines of … Continue reading

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Plugging the Holes

WASHINGTON — The ozone layer has stopped shrinking, but it will take decades to start recovering, US scientists reported yesterday. The specialists credited, at least in part, the 1987 Montreal Protocol, which was ratified by more than 180 nations and … Continue reading

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Somewhere, Usama is Smiling

Panicked by rumors of a suicide bomber, thousands of Shiite pilgrims broke into a stampede on a bridge during a religious procession Wednesday, crushing one another or plunging 30 feet into the muddy Tigris river. About 800 died, mostly women … Continue reading

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Swazi Princess Beaten With a Stick

Swaziland’s King Mswati III, attends the annual reed dance in Ludzidzini, Swaziland, Monday, Aug. 29, 2005, where young girls perform a dance after days of gathering reeds to present to the king. The annual reed dance gives Mswati an opportunity … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“At least Whitey Bulger has the decency to hide.” WEEI morning host John Dennis on recent stories concerning Bernard “Pimp Cardinal” Law, who was punished for abetting and facilitating the rape of hundreds of youths in Boston at the hands … Continue reading

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Gay Mayor Welcomes S & M Fest to Berlin

BERLIN (Reuters) – Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit on Tuesday fended off criticism for giving an official welcome to a sado-masochism festival expected to draw thousands of leather-clad visitors to the German capital this weekend. "The first weekend in September stands … Continue reading

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Global Warming Promises More Katrinas

Ross Gelspan, in the Boston Globe, argues that not only Katrina but all the weird weather we’ve been experiencing, are by-products of global warming, and he’s not a crackpot… THE HURRICANE that struck Louisiana yesterday was nicknamed Katrina by the … Continue reading

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Rumsfeld Defends Environment

The Associated Press released a rather astounding piece today in which Darth Rumsfield makes an Orwellian argument that the military is actually on the same side as the environmentalists – because they need to protect the habitat of some endangered … Continue reading

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Domestic Robot Eliminates Potential Nannygates

A robot that recognises up to 10 faces and understands 10,000 words is to be offered to Japanese consumers looking for a high-tech helper in the house. The one-metre tall humanoid Wakamaru robot is being marketed as a mechanical house-sitter … Continue reading

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Gadget of the Week

Great holiday gift. Only $19.99. Make checks payable to Dowbrigade News…. (thanks, Bri)

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Priest Killer Makes How-to Video

Joseph Druce may now claim he did not kill notorious pedophile priest John Geoghan in his cell, or if he did, he did it to "save the kids." But a macabre video shot in Druce’s cell shortly after the murder … Continue reading

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Lucky 13 Swazi Virgin Bride

LUDZIDZINI ROYAL VILLAGE, Swaziland (Reuters) – More than 50,000 bare-breasted virgins vied to become the King of Swaziland’s 13th wife on Monday in a ceremony which critics say ill befits a country with the world’s highest HIV/AIDS rate. King Mswati … Continue reading

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