Priest Killer Makes How-to Video

Joseph Druce may now claim he did not kill notorious
pedophile priest John Geoghan in his cell, or if he did, he did it to "save
the kids."

But a macabre video shot in Druce’s cell shortly after the murder of the defrocked
priest and obtained by the Herald shows him reenacting in grisly detail what
is alleged to have happened when Geoghan was killed on Aug. 23, 2003. The clip starts with Druce standing in a cell naked
but for white boxer shorts, his sinewy body scrawled with crude jailhouse
tattoos. His pock-marked face is covered with a scraggly brown beard
as he talks to himself in a mirror.

There is no audio, so it unclear exactly what Druce is saying as he wraps a white
T-shirt around his broad shoulders and then pulls a red DOC scrub shirt over
his head. He then takes stretched-out gym socks and ties them around his waist.

He mimes walking into Geoghan’s cell. He talks to an invisible victim, then acts
out how he jams the cell door at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center with a
carefully-cut paperback book. He spins around and throws a punch. He falls to his knees, pulls his hands behind his
back and wraps them with the white T-shirt. He then yanks an invisible
victim to his feet and kicks him face-down to the floor.

Druce’s face spreads into a cold grin as he reenacts how he allegedly choked
Geoghan with the socks, pulling off the defrocked priest’s own sneaker to use
as a lever for the tourniquet.

As he demonstrates the slow twisting of the noose, Druce’s face twists in pain
and he begins to shake, illustrating how Geoghan’s body went into convulsions.
But the violence does not stop there.

Druce starts to laugh to himself as he squats on the edge of the cell’s steel
cot. He points to his own neck, then leaps off the bed.

The motion is so brutal, the video shakes with the impact of each jump. One.
Two. Three.

When the third stomping is complete, Druce turns to an imaginary audience and
giggles. He shrugs his shoulders, smiles broadly and begins a victory jig, dancing
around his cell with his thumbs raised in the air.

No sign of the actual video yet. Anyone got a link?

story from the Boston

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  1. gloria says:

    this man deserves an award for killing that devil. I’m glad Geoghan is dead and he suffered when he died

  2. Video klipai says:

    Very bad man, I`m glad is dead

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  11. porno says:

    Sounds pretty deranged.

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