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Uncle Fester’s Head on Lou Ferrigno’s Body

Richard Armitage was mainly unknown to most Americans until recently. But now Armitage, the quintessential Washington insider can’t; seem to stay out of the news. First it was revealed that Richard Armitage was Bob Novak’s source for his story on … Continue reading

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Election Day Drizzles Down

Ah, Election Day in Massachusetts, a holiday for all true fans of Democracy and a day at the races for political junkies, both of which groups we admit to belonging to. Of course, it is just a primary election, and … Continue reading

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Pug Uglies

When the Red Sox acquired relief pitcher (now #3 starter) Julio Tavarez, our first thought was, "Finally, the Red Sox have a player uglier than (Yankees ace) Randy Johnson!" (Personal disclaimer: the only person to ever refer to the Dowbrigade … Continue reading

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In a Pigcicle’s Eye

LEWISTON, Me. — On a hot July night, a few dozen Somali men were kneeling shoulder to shoulder in prayer at a storefront mosque here when the door opened and the frozen head of a pig, an animal considered unclean … Continue reading

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Civil War or Clash of Civilizations

WASHINGTON – Attacks and civilian deaths in Iraq have risen sharply in recent months, with casualties increasing by 1,000 a month, and sectarian violence has engulfed larger areas of the country, the Pentagon said Friday in a strikingly dismal report … Continue reading

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Converting to Islam

DUBAI, Sept. 2 (Reuters) Al Qaeda, in a video posted Saturday on the Internet, called for President Bush and non-Muslims, especially those in the United States, to convert to Islam and abandon their "misguided" ways, or else suffer the consequences. … Continue reading

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Black Helicopters Back in Boston

So, yesterday, we were with our son Gabriel on a US Naval Base, waiting in line to go through a rather strenuous security check, when another unmarked black helicopter flew overhead, low and tilted forward, like an angry wasp, meaning … Continue reading

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