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Comic of the Day

created by Ted Rall

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Podcasting a Wider Shadow

The Boston Globe came out with a semi-major article on Podcasting today, but they really seem to have missed the point. Instead of commenting on some of the popular experimental podcasts and/or exploring the time-shifting or educational potential of ‘casting, they … Continue reading

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Prozac for the Middle East

Just when we thought it was safe to come outside, George Bush seems to have solved the mystery of the "vision thing".  After 40 months of wandering the globe like a wounded hyena reeling from the nightmare of 9/11 and lashing … Continue reading

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Tattoo’s and the Tapeworm

As a parent, the Dowbrigade considered himself pretty liberal. For example, we let ’em stay up as late as they wanted at night, on the theory that they’d cause less trouble during the day if they were dog tired. But … Continue reading

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Glowing Memories

Our recent posting on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and La Gata Negra brought up mounds of memories, some pleasant, some painful. In the aftermath, we found a few precious snippets of twenty-year-old video that brought it all back – … Continue reading

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Diamonds for Dipping

The world’s most expensive teabag has been created. The diamond teabag worth

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Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad?

WINNIPEG – A lovestruck American who tried to walk from North Dakota to Winnipeg is recovering from severe frostbite in a hospital in Manitoba. The man from Los Angeles was on his way to meet his internet sweetheart but didn’t … Continue reading

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Local Boy Makes Good

illustration by John Hendrix from the NYT Local vBlogger, rising media star and all-round good guy Steve Garfield is featured this morning in a comprehensive review of the evolving blogosphere in the New York Times. Some vloggers are further blurring … Continue reading

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Mistress Cheetah, the Mean Mistreatah

Choke slams, reverse crabs, Canadian backbreakers — it’s all in a day’s work for La Gata Negra, an all-female, all-masked wrestling league. Founded by two veteran burlesque performers, LGN came about when Worm and Cheetah (full name: Mistress Cheetah, the … Continue reading

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90 Days in the Cage

Kids! Make sure you have your file sharing programs set to DOWNLOAD ONLY! And stay away from Arizona. And don’t try this at home! Is my review-only copy of Constantine done yet? PHOENIX – A University of Arizona student has … Continue reading

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Power Seekers vs. Knowledge Seekers

The Dowbrigade continues to be confused and disturbed by the controversy surrounding the recent remarks by Harvard President Lawrence Summers concerning possible sources of the sexual disparity at the highest levels of teaching and research positions at America’s leading universities. … Continue reading

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Bloggers at the Gate

created by Pat Oliphant

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