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We Invented It, We Should Own It

Invented by American computer scientists during the 1970s, the Internet has been embraced around the globe. During the network’s first three decades, most Internet traffic flowed through the United States. In many cases, data sent between two locations within a … Continue reading

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Bumpkin Country

The Dowbrigade uses an icebreaking exercise with groups of recently arrived students in which one of the categories for discussion is “One thing you really want to do before you leave Boston”. When our turn came we always list visiting … Continue reading

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How Many Million Cracks?

WASHINGTON — Senator John McCain spent the summer arguing that a 40-something candidate with four years in major office and no significant foreign policy experience was not ready to be president. And then on Friday he picked as his running … Continue reading

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Urban Myth No More

DAYTON, Ohio – A mother was convicted yesterday of killing her month-old daughter by burning her in a microwave oven, with jurors rejecting a defense attorney’s claims that there was evidence that someone else was responsible. Prosecutors said Arnold intentionally … Continue reading

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WIKI transfer

Look at this        

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Robots can be mush-brained, too

Meet Gordon, probably the world’s first robot controlled exclusively by living brain tissue. Stitched together from cultured rat neurons, Gordon’s primitive grey matter was designed at the University of Reading by scientists who unveiled the neuron-powered machine on Wednesday. Their … Continue reading

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