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Hipofilia in Enumclaw

SEATTLE – A man has pleaded guilty to trespassing in connection with a fatal horse-sex case. James Michael Tait, 54, of Enumclaw, was accused of entering a barn without the owner’s permission. Tait admitted to officers that he entered a … Continue reading

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More on Buddha Boy

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – Authorities in Nepal urged religious groups and scientists on Sunday to help solve the mystery of a meditating teenaged boy who some believe is an incarnation of Buddha. At least 100,000 devotees from Nepal and neighbouring India … Continue reading

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Tactical Preview

Miami police announced Monday they will stage random shows of force at hotels, banks and other public places to keep terrorists guessing and remind people to be vigilant. Deputy Police Chief Frank Fernandez said officers might, for example, surround a … Continue reading

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Avian Flu Over the Cuckoos Nest

After a lifetime surrounded by some of his generation’s biggest frauds, psuedos, pretenders and scam artists, the Dowbrigade has a finely attuned Bullshit Detector. Some would say this is an example of the "It takes one to know one" school … Continue reading

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Language Arts: Buzzwords

Tomorrow, we plan to introduce the following paragraph in class as part of the language component of the Science and Technology section we are currently teaching. ”Yo! It’s the buzzphrases, stupid. Is this a no-brainer, or what? What we need … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Inflation

One of our failings as a pseudo-intellectual is our inability to believe something that we read, no matter how logical it seems, no matter how authoritative the source, until and unless we see it, or better yet feel it, in … Continue reading

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Free Christmas

Evokative photo. Not sure what it evokes, exactly. Santa a captive of Christmas? Santa a captive of childhood? Christmas a captive of Capitalism? Christmas gets more surreal every year….

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Grandmaster of the Iron Crotch

A 50-year-old Californian man pulled a truck with his penis for a British film crew. Martial arts grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng attached himself to the truck and pulled it several yards across a car park in Fremont. The Tri-Valley Herald reports … Continue reading

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Mr. Natural Rides Again

Connecting with nature can improve your health and wellbeing, say researchers in this week’s BMJ. The theory is known as ecotherapy: restoring health through contact with nature. Use of wildlife in some therapies is reported to improve quality of life, … Continue reading

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Law of the Jungle Reigns in Malls

ORLANDO, Fla. — Security guards wrestled a man to the ground this morning in a Wal-Mart. Channel Nine has learned that the man cut in line to get laptop computers that were on sale. The man started arguing with people … Continue reading

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Feline Friday from Dowbrigade South

Feline Friday – As previously announced, we are writing today from the Dowbrigade South, our mountain redoubt high in the Andes mountains, 8,858 feet above sea level, in a lush valley between a glacier and a volcano. We are typing … Continue reading

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Dowbrigade Does Video

Never one to let a lack of talent or good looks stand in the way of naked ambition or a free meal, the Dowbrigade delves into the Hall of Mirrors which is VideoBlogging. Of course, these are early essays as we … Continue reading

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