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Duuuh Scientific Study of the Day

Excess weight gain during pregnancy linked to bigger babies Mothers who gain more weight than recommended during their pregnancies tend to have babies with higher birth weights than normal. But medical researchers haven’t known whether it’s the expectant mother’s weight … Continue reading

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DNA Determines Dork Destiny

For Crime, Is Anatomy Destiny? Poverty, greed, anger, jealousy, pride, revenge. These are the usual suspects when it comes to discussing the causes of crime. In recent years, however, economists have started to investigate a different explanation for criminal activity: … Continue reading

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How it worked

Consider the Bear Stearns Alt-A Trust 2006-7, a $1.3 billion drop in the sea of risky loans. Here’s how it worked: As the credit bubble grew in 2006, Bear Stearns, then one of the leading mortgage traders on Wall Street, … Continue reading

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Ants are from Mars

Martialis heureka is a living relic of the earliest stages of ant evolution. Scientists have unearthed an ancient ancestor of ants from the soil of the Amazon rain forest that is probably the species from which all other ants evolved. … Continue reading

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Forcast for Jupiter – Cloudy and Windy

Using data from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft and two telescopes on or near Earth, an international team of scientists has found that one of the solar system’s largest and newest storms – Jupiter’s Little Red Spot – has some of … Continue reading

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Beelzebufo, the Demon Frog

A team of researchers, led by Stony Brook University paleontologist David Krause, has discovered the remains in Madagascar of what may be the largest frog ever to exist. The 16-inch, 10-pound ancient frog, scientifically named Beelzebufo, or devil frog, links … Continue reading

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Watch Out, MIT

A photograph of a 3 cm drop of ferrofluid, a suspension of magnetite in oil. Harvard University today unveiled a brand-new website, HarvardScience, devoted to all matters related to science at the various schools, departments, institutes, and hospitals of Harvard … Continue reading

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Study: Kid-Biting Dogs Have Emotional Problems

Dogs that bite children have often not bitten kids before, but they tend to have underlying behavioural or medical problems, indicates research in the journal Injury Prevention. The same can be said of children who bite dogs. The research team … Continue reading

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The Details are in the Devil

Australia’s new $200m synchrotron in Melbourne could contribute to the fight to save the Tasmanian devil from the outbreak of facial tumour disease currently decimating devil populations, according to Dr Jeff Church from CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology in Geelong. … Continue reading

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The Tall and Small

In terms of height they are worlds apart. The world’s tallest man, Bao Xishun today shook hands with He Pingping who claims to be Earth’s shortest. But these two men actually hail from the same region of Inner Mongolia. While … Continue reading

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Hypochondriac Heaven

Computer geek hypochondriacs have long wished for a medical diagnostic program where you tell the computer what you feel like, and it will tell you what you’ve got. An early effort in this direction was launched in the late 70’s … Continue reading

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Virgin Sacrifice in IT Sector

A Dutch escort agency is launching a special virgin service for computer geeks. Sociology student Zoe Vialet, who set up Society Service last year, says she has had a lot of demand from virgins. She says most of them work … Continue reading

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