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Extreme Exhibitionism

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – The head of the Nepal Mountaineering Association urged the government Saturday to take action against a sherpa who reportedly stripped on top of Mount Everest. The Himalayan Times had reported Friday that the Nepali climbing guide, whose … Continue reading

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Dressed to Be Killed

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – An Iraqi tennis coach and two of his players were shot to death this week in Baghdad because they were wearing shorts, authorities said Saturday, reporting the latest in a series of recent attacks attributed to … Continue reading

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Comic of the Day

We had a real snappy caption all ready for this comic, but now we can’t remember what it was…

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Share the Wealth to Save the Nation

Although we recognize the centrality of Economics in any understanding of the modern world we live in, and have in fact taken several courses in the material,many of the economic phenomena we observe first hand remain absolute mysteries until explained … Continue reading

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Red Sox Sweep Devil Rays

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Miami Heat Out of Playoffs Pending Investigation

The entire Miami Heat basketball team was suspended from league play today by NBA Commissioner David Stern. The suspensions were announced simultaneously with the launch of an investigation of players and some coaching staff for "inappropriate touching, hugging, butt-patting and … Continue reading

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Life Under the Bell Jar

By studying chimpanzee droppings in remote African jungles, scientists reported yesterday, they have found direct evidence of a missing link between a chimpanzee virus and the one that causes human AIDS. Scientists have long suspected that chimpanzees are the source … Continue reading

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Warren Zevon School of Diplomacy

Haider Hamid was arrested in Baghdad on April 15 by officers wearing Interior Ministry uniforms, according to Mr. Hamid’s brother, Majid. Majid Hamid found his brother’s body, above, showing signs of torture, five days later in the city morgue. He … Continue reading

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Give Me the Willies

NEW YORK (Reuters) – At 73, country music legend Willie Nelson is still doing headstands and smoking joints in the back of a tour bus at hundreds of concerts and, far from slowing down, he’d like to tour with the … Continue reading

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Smoking Pot May Fight Cancer Growth

These stories seem to run in bunches…. NEW YORK — People who smoke marijuana may be at less risk of developing lung cancer than tobacco smokers, according to a study presented yesterday. The study of 2,200 people in Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Mexico Prepares Drug Orgy for US Tourists

MEXICO CITY – Demonstrators pretend to smoke fake marijuana cigarettes during a protest for the decriminalization of marijuana in La Alameda park, in this May 4, 2002 file photo in Mexico City. Police and business owners from Mexico’s beaches to … Continue reading

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Seeking Silver Bird for Tiny Golden Cage

In tiny, tiny bits, gold makes exquisite geometry. Clusters of 20 gold atoms, for example, always come in the shape of a pyramid, perfect for a subatomic King Tut. Now scientists have found a new, unexpected configuration: a cage consisting … Continue reading

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