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Dowbrigade News Relaunches as GringoManaba

After a brief ten-year layoff, Dowbrigade News is relaunching from our Southern Complex somewhere on the Pacific coast of South America, say within one degree of the earth’s equator. I expect to post in English and Spanish, both my recent … Continue reading

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Turning your Blog into a Book

Back at BarCamp, another drizzly morning, perfect for brunch in bed or a bracing geek-fest brunch, which consists this morning of complementary Starbucks coffee, Skittles, pretzel sticks and Eden Garden Salty ‘n Sweet Snack Bars. First session up is a … Continue reading

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Santa Norma Blesses Us All

This Christmas, Norma Moreira and her husband are sharing their home with 45 wise men. Moreira, who immigrated to the United States from Ecuador in 1996, has been acquiring Nativity scenes for the past two decades. With her collection now … Continue reading

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Still Fighting the Last Century’s Wars

Google seems intent on following the same path to world domination as the previous heavyweight champ – Microsoft – by releasing a “better browser” of their own. Known as Google Chrome, its chief innovation seems to be putting the tabs … Continue reading

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WIKI transfer

Look at this        

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Live from Bar Camp Boston

The Dowbrigade News is coming to you live this morning from BarCamp Boston, at Marignon High School in Cambridge. This is the third Bar Camp in as many years, and the success of the idea is seen in the increasing … Continue reading

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The Unfolding Narrative of Queen Hillary

Hillary believers need not fear. The Obama phenomena has reached its high tide mark right on cue, and the froth and spray are starting to ebb. Just as scripted by her consort the Master Planner, the Warrior Princess will emerge, … Continue reading

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The Old Man and the “C”

So this is what American democracy has come down to. A national charade, made for TV, scripted years in advance, to entertain the public across the country and around the world with a professionally produced perversion of the democratic process … Continue reading

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Kos Cutting Class

Markos Moulitsas (LAW’99) talks with Maureen O’Rourke, dean of the School of Law, at the conference New Media and the Marketplace of Ideas. Photo by Vernon Doucette [From an interesting interview with Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos published today … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

It doesn’t get much more real, or more deadly, than this. Japanese reporter Kenji Nagai lies in the street, mortally wounded, trying desperately to catch a final shot as his life flows out of his busted body and a young … Continue reading

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Comic of the Day

This has become a regular point of contention between the Dowbrigade and his main feline spiritual advisor, Chiqui. Rather than walk on our face (always a risky proposition) Chiqui sits calmly and prudently a few inches to one side and … Continue reading

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Pre Post Practice

Wandering about Old Blighty, the Dowbrigade has escaped to a tranquil English Garden belong to his new friend Norm, of DynEd fame, while recovering from the transatlantic flight and preparing for the legal decathalon which begins Monday. It’s been 36 … Continue reading

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