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Comic of the Day

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News Foto of the Year Nominee

This photo was on the front page of the New York Times today, and for our money is an immediate finalist for news photo of the year. Actually, a smaller, black and white version was in today’s Boston Globe, but … Continue reading

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Obama Hillary’s Stalking Horse

WASHINGTON — Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois are already rewriting the script of the 2008 Democratic presidential campaign, driving potential Democratic rivals to the sidelines. Trading on their star power, capacity to raise … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story

Despite the season of peace and goodwill, the Dowbrigade household has for the past week been enveloped in an acute pre-Christmas crisis. Nothing as mundane as a cash-flow shortage, or as dramatic as domestic abuse, it was mysterious and disturbing … Continue reading

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Saving the Worst for Last

WRENTHAM — Jeffrey Cardin walked into a pub Thursday night near the modest cottage where he lived alone and told a stranger he was suffering through the worst day of his life. He didn’t know the half of it. Cardin, … Continue reading

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Don’t Try This at Home

BEIJING, Dec. 18 — A Hollywood stuntman who worked on one of the "Men in Black" films suffered serious injuries in Shanghai on Saturday when he fell off a moving car while trying to jump through a ring of fire. … Continue reading

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Pot Top Crop In United States

The $35-billion market value of U.S.-grown cannabis tops that of such heartland staples as corn and hay, a marijuana activist says. SACRAMENTO — For years, activists in the marijuana legalization movement have claimed that cannabis is America’s biggest cash crop. … Continue reading

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World’s Tallest Man Lends a Hand

FUSHUN, China — Bao Xishun, the world’s tallest man, reaches in to retrieve objects from the stomach of a sick dolphin at an aquarium in Fushun, in China’s northern Liaoning province. Bao, whose arms measure more than a meter in … Continue reading

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Blogjacking Storm Clouds

Dark clouds are gathering over the local blogosphere. First there were "splog" attacks, pieces of spam left in the comments area of local blogs. That was kids’ stuff. Now it appears that at least two blogs in the western suburbs … Continue reading

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Shoppin’ Fool

The Dowbrigade is a sucker for a bargain. On rare occasions this means we stumble onto a true, historic bargain. Even a blind pig comes up with a truffle now and again. However, much more often we wind up being … Continue reading

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Shoppin’ Fool

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Flying Mammal Not a Bird, Or a Bat, or a Squirrel

Scientists have discovered an extinct animal the size of a small squirrel that lived in China at least 125 million years ago and soared among the trees. It is the earliest known example of gliding flight by mammals, and the … Continue reading

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