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Comic of the Day part 2

We knew it was genetic! Uncle Lars, if you’ve come out of it, give me a call! We’ll get together for some mishegas!

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Comic of the Day, pt 1

from Doonesbury@Slate Of course, warriors have rushed into battle on the wings of heavy metal tunes since at least the times of Roman battle songs and Viking Valhalla chants and African battle drums. Of courses the modern generation, earbuds soldered … Continue reading

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Comic of the Day

from Ted Rall

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Devil Worshippers Lose Pro Team

When your bad reputation is exceeded only by an uninterrupted record of failure and ineptitude, sometimes the only thing to do is to change your name. Not only does this often throw creditors off the track, but can offer a … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey for Hot Sports

As we settle into the Command and Control Chair at Dowbrigade World Headquarters for our nightly session of essay correction, exercise writing, Nazi hunting, television grazing, naval gazing, Wiki writing, bitcasting, vacation planning and arcane research, we run our increasingly … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

Testing the waters from Sawse

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Bad Dog (trite but so right)

Dog Chapman has been captured spewing foul-mouthed racist slurs on a tape obtained exclusively by The NATIONAL ENQUIRER. And now a civil rights leader is calling for Dog’s TV show to be removed from the airwaves. In a shocking world … Continue reading

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Scary scary costumes

Can you spot the real Dowbrigade? On Halloween (which would have been game 7 of the World Series that wasn’t) we were confronted, at the ungodly hour of 9 AM, by an apparition that would curdle the hair of any … Continue reading

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