Comic of the Day, pt 1

from Doonesbury@Slate

Of course, warriors have rushed into battle on the wings of heavy metal tunes since at least the times of Roman battle songs and Viking Valhalla chants and African battle drums. Of courses the modern generation, earbuds soldered to their helmets, are wielding those multi-million dollar weapons of localized destruction to a killer soundtrack of Heavy Death Acid Thug Thrash.

Even the battlemix is old hat. We have a friend from the old days who swears that in his days as a helicopter gunner in Vietnam, he and his crew liked nothing so much as dropping multiple hits of windowpane acid, fueling up their bird, and heading out over the impenetrable jungle on night patrol. When the acid started to kick in, they would but on their favorite Jimi Hendrix mix tape (Machine Gun, Voodoo Child and the Star Spangled Banner, no doubt) and shoot off a quarter of a million dollars (in 1970 dollars) in ordnance atomizing trees, clearings and the occasional unlucky water buffalo.

Why we lost the war, brother…..

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