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Dowbrigade Ponders Podcasting

The Dowbrigade has always been a sucker for the latest thrill. Whenever it looks like the other kids are having more fun than we are, we have to get in on the action. So we have been casting increasingly jealous … Continue reading

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Around the World in a Flying Fuel Tank

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – Outsiders look at the GlobalFlyer, a single-seat airplane designed to make the first solo, nonstop, unrefueled flight around the world, and wonder how a pilot could function for 70 hours in a cigar-shaped cabin … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Torture

In a particularly disquieting development a local law firm here in the Boston area has been implicated in a despicable practice which has been largely overlooked by the American public and press.  We are talking about the circumvention of legal, … Continue reading

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Is this Possible?

We have become obsessed with the idea of connecting a small digital video camera directly to our ipod. This is not just because posting on the topic allows us a chance to use these quasi-pornographic photos (if not for their … Continue reading

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A Beer with Your Cheese?

London, Nov 26 : France is known as the cheese capital of the world and Vieux Boulogne, a cheese made from cows’ milk and matured by washing with beer has been declared France’s smelliest cheese by a panel of cheese … Continue reading

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Another Endangered Species

It is not only at the university level that foreign students are an endangered species in the United States these days. That time-honored stable of the 60’s and 70’s, the foreign exchange student, is disappearing from high schools across the … Continue reading

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Comic of the Day – Missing Rather

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Build a Vacation Home for Under $500

One of the things we learned on our recently completed Great Experiment is that economic reality is like all other realities; strictly local in jurisdiction. Comfortably deep in an Andean valley, nestled beneath snow capped mountains and beside a crystal mountain … Continue reading

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Ingenious New Use for Our iPod

As prices for digital camcorders are finally falling near the Dowbrigade’s reach, we have been comparing models and media. The main differentiation, and sticking point, seems to be how they save the VERY LARGE digital files they create. Flash memory … Continue reading

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Getting Out of Dodge

As mentioned in the posting below, it is hard to predict what will open the floodgates of memory. Some are fond and fulfilling memories, making connections and explaining enigmas.  Other’s make it immediately obvious why the memory was forgotten in … Continue reading

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Sail on, Sailor

Memories swim up from the distant past at the most unexpected moments. Recently we had cause to remember one of the signature events of public education in grade schools around America – the school assembly. Most of these assemblies were … Continue reading

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More Than We Need to Know Dept.

A Dutch actress is to have x-rays of her breasts posted on her website to prove they’re all natural. Georgina Verbaan wants to disprove claims she’s had implants – and warns she’ll sue anyone who says different. Verbaan shot to … Continue reading

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