Tattoo’s and the Tapeworm

As a parent, the Dowbrigade considered himself pretty liberal. For example,
we let ’em stay up as late as they wanted at night, on the theory that
cause less trouble during the day if they were dog tired. But when
it came to tattoos, we drew the line.

When they asked for
an explanation, we tried to explain our ongoing goal of getting through
life with as few distinguishing characteristics
marring the nondescript anonimity of our body as possible. When we further explained
that this was intended to make more difficult identification by law enforcement,
various spy services, organized crime and minions of the devil, they
seemed to
the point.

We wish we could have pointed them to the following article,
as a prime example of what we were talking about, but it’s too late.
Of course, as soon as they moved from under our roof, the first thing
did was get tats.


— The reputed leader of a violent Honduran gang was using an alias,
on his
gave him
away. Further
revealed the man arrested in Texas on Feb. 10 was Ever Anibal Rivera
Paz, known as "El Culiche" — The Tapeworm. Rivera Paz had
escaped Jan. 23 from a Honduran prison where he was being held on charges
of masterminding an armed attack on a bus that killed 28 people, including
six children.

Actually, the true reason we have always had an aversion
to tattoos had to do with the first real tattoo we saw, at the impressionable
of 17. It was on the right forearm of our Foster Mother on a kibbutz
a few klicks from the West Bank, and it was a number.

Were we to ever, under extreme duress or temporary madness, forced to
mar our body with a real tattoo, the only design we could see ourself
getting would be that same number, on OUR right forearm.

from the Boston Globe


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17 Responses to Tattoo’s and the Tapeworm

  1. j says:

    That’s impressive, uh, artwork!

  2. bushido says:

    du siehst sexy aus baby

  3. Tattoo PeeWee says:

    Now thats what I like to do and see more of!!! beautiful women getting body suites. Good work to the artistes. Keep it up!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    esta atodo madre

  5. I don’t really get the article, but the picture speaks louder than words LOL

  6. Very interesting picture and article. It is amazing how few people realize quite how branding a tattoo can be to your person. Even under assumed names and anything you do to try and hide yourself you will still be known by the ink you bear.

  7. Tattoo says:

    That’s fantastic work. And the tattoo isn’t bad either…

  8. Funny story. Yeah, criminals of all people should get tattoos so that can be identified more easily. But for the rest of us, we should get it because we like it. BTW, the girl in the pic is smoking hot…are they real? The tattoos I mean. 😉

  9. Wonderfull tattoo and beautiful woman.

  10. tattoo says:

    I wouldn’t say no 😛

  11. Tricia M says:

    Not quite what I expected to see – but you make some interesting points…

  12. Caius says:

    That took me by surprise at work.

  13. Now thats what I call a great tattoo

  14. E74 Error says:

    Not what I was expecting, but pleased I dropped by.

  15. Obviously that tattoo design is great as well as it’s great example of descent tattoo artwork.

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