Rumsfeld Defends Environment

released a rather astounding piece today in which Darth
Rumsfield makes an Orwellian argument that the military
is actually on the same side as the environmentalists – because they
need to protect the habitat of some endangered species .

Why? So they have somewhere to blow things up and practice
killing people far from the prying eyes or offended ears of citizens…

Rumsfeld said the Defense Department recognizes that
some lifesaving military training depends on conserving habitat for
and forestalling encroachment by suburban sprawl.

Working with conservation groups and other agencies to set aside buffers
for wildlife habitat on nearby private lands has allowed the military
to conduct exercises without restrictions on noise and use of airspace
while simultaneously protecting the habitat, Rumsfeld said.

Yeah, and drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Preserve will combat global
warming by letting all that cold escape which is trapped under the icecap….

story from the AP

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