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Ugandan HIV prevalence at 6.4% of 15-49 year olds

As published on the KaiserNetwork: Uganda’s HIV prevalence has decreased from 6.5% to 6.4%, according to a national AIDS indicator survey, Uganda’s New Vision reports. The survey — which was presented on Monday by Wilford Lordson Kirungi, medical epidemiologist for the country’s AIDS Control Program — was conducted between 2004 and 2005 and involved 10,437 […]

Denying the Science of HIV-AIDS

In recent years at the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley, SPH Professor Malcolm Potts has invited Dr. Duesberg to speak in the introductory HIV/AIDS course. Lone among the guest speakers each year, Peter Duesberg’s lecture can draw raw skepticism out of otherwise mild grad students. He’s an HIV-AIDS non-believer; formerly as advisor to […]

Circumcised HIV+ men less likely to infect partners

Reported by KaiserNetwork … Male circumcision might reduce the risk of HIV transmission from HIV-positive men to their female partners, according to a study presented Wednesday at the 13th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Denver, Reuters reports. Ronald Gray of Johns Hopkins University and colleagues examined the medical records of more than 300 […]

China estimates revised downward

China has revised its estimates of HIV incidence downward by about 200,000, in response to a more extensive, better study. BEIJING, Jan. 25 — China countered the long-held suspicion that it has undercounted the number of people with H.I.V. and AIDS by releasing a new, more extensive estimate on Wednesday that found the opposite: that […]

Taking the T

This is a worrisome development, especially if the idea spreads. “Taking a T.” That’s what HIV-negative gay men call the growing practice of downing the AIDS drug tenofovir and, with fingers crossed, hoping it protects them from the virus during unprotected sex. It’s being sold in packets along with Viagra and Ecstasy in gay dance […]

India and AIDS

Disturbing story in the Times on HIV/AIDS in India. Though the overall prevalence of the disease may remain low, India’s population size means that the absolute numbers of people with HIV in India are among the highest in the world in absolute terms. Here are some excerpts: India has at least 5.1 million people living […]

More with the truck drivers

From the Kaiser Daily report: Truck drivers in India soliciting commercial sex work while on the road are spreading HIV throughout their routes, the AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune reports (Mason, AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune, 11/29). India — where about 5.1 million HIV-positive people live, the second-highest number of any country in the world — has experienced more […]

Epidemiologic primer: Museveni confuses cause with effect

From the KaiserNetwork | Some Health Workers Criticize Ugandan President’s Comments About Condoms, HIV Prevalence, Washington Post Reports Recent statements by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni that the country’s HIV prevalence rate increased with wider access to condoms have “raised some brows” among health professionals, the Washington Post reports. When Uganda’s HIV/AIDS prevention efforts began in the […]

AIDS in Africa: Three scenarios to 2025

(Just promoting a discussion group message to news item. Thanks to sreadal for pointing this out!) UNAIDS just came out with a new report that presents three possible scenarios for AIDS in Africa assuming different African and international responses to the epidemic. The full report is available at From the New York Times ( […]

New Study: Uganda’s HIV incidence drops due to condoms, not abstinence or faithfulness

From the San Francisco Chronicle: In the Rakai district … researchers found that abstinence and fidelity have actually been declining, but the expected rise in HIV infections stemming from such behavior has not occurred. “Condom use may be offsetting other high-risk behaviors,” said Maria Wawer, a professor at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, […]