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Frist’s Testimony Before Commerce Committee Lauded: Global Health Corps to strengthen readiness and response capabilities around the world called promising new initiative by leading health care professionals

From the Global Health news release: According to Sen. Frist, the Global Health Corps would function as a new ‘Peace Corps’ and draw together medical professionals and other volunteers from around the nation to provide quick assistance when disaster strikes as well as ongoing care in the neediest parts of the developing world. Although Frist’s […]

Need for HIV/AIDS Volunteer Corps

A call for an HIV/AIDS Volunteer Corps comes on the heels of a recent WHO Bulletin highlighting the appalling lack of trained staff in many low income health posts.  “Brain drain” speaks to the pull of higher paying jobs in developed economies, but leveling the host of incentives that draw professionals to Europe and North […]

Financial bottleneck means more HIV death in Kenya, US Ambassador

Money means survival and the management delays in scaling up the HIV response in the Kenyan public sector have left HIV+ patients stranded without needed meds.  CNN quoted U.S. Ambassador William Bellamy at the official opening of a HIV/AIDS treatment clinic last Tuesday, “every day of additional delay is a death sentence for Kenyans whose lives […]

US rates of vertical HIV transmission near zero

Another example highlighting the gulf between rich and poor health systems’ ability to confront HIV… this week’s announcement that HIV transmission from mother to child is near zero and set to become another forgotten fear in US hospitals.