The Sting is Mightier than the Sword

Thieves have been a constant affliction on human existence
since our earliest ancestors snuck away from the site of a kill with
an extra antelope shank under their loincloths. In the modern world this
tendency continues, despite thousands of years of acculturation and religious
indoctrination. A fascinating area of study is the variations on the
larcenous model seen in different cultures and countries around the world.

In the United States, for example, the far majority
of the theives are white collar criminals. Whey work out of offices,
PO boxes, off-shore servers.  Thier tools are TV, web sites, email
and the US tax code.  Many of them are lawyers.  When you get
robbed by these people you don’t even realize what happened until later
– in some cases, much later.

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