ZZZZZZ Means NO in Oslo

(Reuters) – A Norwegian court has sentenced a woman to nine months in
jail for raping a man, the first such conviction in the Scandinavian
country that prides itself for its egalitarianism.

The 31-year-old man fell asleep on a sofa at a party in January last year and
told the court in the western city of Bergen he woke to find the 23-year-old
woman was having oral sex with him.

Under Norwegian law, all sexual acts with someone who is "unconscious or
for other reasons unable to oppose the act" are considered rape.

The court sentenced the woman Wednesday to nine months in jail and ordered her
to pay 40,000 Norwegian crowns ($6,355) in compensation.

Ah, but what was the dude dreaming about, huh?
How can they be certain he wasn’t faking it? Also, doesn’t the imposition
of a NINE MONTH sentence smack of subconscious sexism? THREE DAYS before
that Motherhood
itself is a series of nine month sentences…..

This story also reminded the Dowbrigade of a favorite
childhood pastime.  After discovering that silently dunking the
hand of a soundly sleeping person in a bowl or pot of warm water will
almost always cause him or her to empty their bladder and wet whatever
they are wearing, with a smile on their face, we went on a mad skein
of warm-water
the draconian timbre of our current times, could these indiscretion
be reclassified as sex crimes? Does the statute of limitations apply?

from the Reuters

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