Bum Rap – The Price of Fame

Unflattering pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel
in a British newspaper have sparked a backlash from the German government
and media.

The Sun printed photos of Mrs Merkel on holiday taken from behind while
changing into her bathing suit.

A government spokesman accused the tabloid of voyeurism and said the chancellor
had a right to privacy.

One paper said Germany would take its revenge at the World Cup, promising
the English team a "good thrashing".

from the Drudgereport

Although in questionable taste from a number of
points of vew, not least of them aestetic, the divine profane symbolism
of the naked bum of a major world leader was just too good to pass
up. Of course, in these skeptical times, who can vouch for the authenticity
of a photo of this sort? True or false, would a major world leader
like Merkel dignify an invasion 
of her privacy lby responding
with a lawsuit? What would be the basis of such a lawsuit, and what
be its correct
jurisdiction? On the basis of what evidence would it be decided?

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3 Responses to Bum Rap – The Price of Fame

  1. anne G says:

    “French privacy laws grant people rights over their own image”

    I don’t know why you assume any behavior is beyond the law. It is up to the society to decide what they will or will not tolerate

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