Fetus Eating Sect in South China

of English to Speakers of Other Languages are known for xeno-philiac
eccentricity and bizarre, unstable behavior,
but this is mostly due to the weird and exotic locals in which we often end up plying our trade.

Be that as it may, this story goes beyond the pale. Even a twisted and cynical fan of the outre like the Dowbrigade has certain standards. They may be low, but they are there. Of course, they don’t prevent us from reporting that a TESOL teacher in Guandong
has penetrated a semi-secret sect of – Fetus Eating!

Recently a Guangdong Factory
Owner from Taiwan was discovered partaking in an
appalling new trend; eating babies.  For 4000 yuan
a person can order 7-month-old baby stewed for 8 hours with Chinese herbs. This dish is thought to boost the “yang” (as in yin and yang).

The Factory Owner who was interviewed for the story is 62 years old and was having trouble keeping up with his 19 year old wife in the bed room until he found this miracle stew. He says that he depends on the soup to “keep it up” each night for his randy bride.

The restaurant in Foshan, (Guangdong Province, Southern China) code names the dish “ribs”. The chef collects girl babies from the surrounding poor
villagers; sometimes an aborted foetus, sometimes a still born, sometimes the unwanted (and unlawful) second baby. The restaurant pays depending on the size of the baby. Sometimes they would pay a full-term mother 2000 Yuan for her live baby.

Only fresh babies are used, no frozen babies.

from China and Beyond: TESOL Around the World

Editors note: As of this morning the original link has been taken down. We have no information regarding the involvement ot the Chinese government in this emerging scandal. Thanks to Google, however, here is a link to their cached version….

Also, here is a link to the original Chinese language source (scroll down about 60%) with EXTREMEMLY GROSS PHOTOS. You have been warned….

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164 Responses to Fetus Eating Sect in South China

  1. meisam says:

    Down with you,
    this fact shows animal being is preferable than human being in china. even a hungry cat never do your dirty act for survive but you do for your shit sense. ashamed of yourself,

  2. So many racist says:


  3. deo says:

    that’s nice… just another kind of experience. enjoy and happy nightmare,export them and soon we will like it.

    believe me, it will happen soon… I’d seen it

  4. Anonymous says:

    ‘Cannibalism’ is not legal in Canada, USA and china.
    Dont blieve what the said/show. just some frick showing something to make chinese look bad.
    Trust me, if this was actual fact, the owner of resturant would be fucked 1000 times by comonist government.

  5. maggie castro says:

    hello everybody lest be fair and be human we hsve to listen the other side of the story before we judge anything as a wise smart inteligent educated human being we have to consider harmony among us whatever our race,because it didnt help if wejudge our fellow human being lets be very undestanding and loving to anyone who is involve to any case and controversy it will produce only hate and war,lets be matured as being humans after all we just live here once then we die,lets give peace and harmony a chance for us thank you and i love you all

  6. Anonymous says:

    uhmmmm how the fuck do i make this? i would like to know step by step procedure, it looks delicious. and STFU YOU STUPOID ASIANS WANTING TO KILL ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE I WILL EAT YOU. AND IM NOT AFRAID OF KILLING ANY ASIAN PEE-POLE I WILL CHOP OFF YOU HEADS AND EAT IT RAW YOU DUMB CHINKS. now i would like to know how to make this delicious dish, any comments?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What a funny story.
    I have been living in Guangdong for 18 years and never heard of such soup. Absolutely fake.
    Some words to the ladies and gentlemen who left comment with anger and misunderstanding, you don’t live at that place so you don’t know what happened. If you want the truth, please go there to check. Guangdong welcome you.

  8. Me says:

    Wow, you stupid ignorant racist pieces of crap who will believe whatever you find on the internet.. Would you also believe that all Americans are aliens? 😀
    I mean, even if this were true, it’s not as if ALL Chinese people eat babies. I hate how you idiots just assume that every Chinese person is disgusting. No. Whoever does this, if anyone indeed does this, is disgusting. NOT all Chinese people. Why don’t you go find a brain to put in your empty heads and actually think for once, instead of just categorizing people without having any basis other than a dumb article like this?

  9. Anonymous says:

    First of all, this article is disgusting
    Second of all, I am Chinese, but I am not writing this to supprt my culture, I am writing this because I am seriously apalled.
    I cannot believe that Harvard, out of all places, would allow such a gross article, along with the all the racist and degrading comments continue to persist on their blog.
    Whoever originally posted this should do more research. Yes the Chinese do tend to eat some strage cuisine, but not everyone who is Chinese does. So please stop cursing at the Chinese and how we are baby killers, because not everyone is.
    If you are going to post an article, make sure it is reputable and that you did enough research to correctly prove your side. Also, don’t post articles that are gross and make people want to throw up.
    Please take the time to read some of the comments, and find one that also says that this article is faux. And believe those comments, not this article. Because it really hurts people, especially of Chinese decent, when readers jump to conclusions about the Chinese by saying everyone eats baby soup.

  10. me says:

    chinese is fucking people..yuckzzzz!

  11. Anonymous says:

    you are foking Evil mind its a crime crime of humanite

  12. Joe says:

    It’s FALSE. Look it up 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    gawin karin sanang tinola ni satanas sa empyerno

  14. bitch says:

    ..!!!!!!!! Shit! how could bare to eat a race of their own! & in fact that BABY they ate did nothing bad for them to do that….!

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