Rise of the Rational Republicans

in this space as early as last November, the moderate wing
of the Republican party ("Rational Republicans") is feeling its way towards
"Middle Path" strategy in preparation for an eventual split with the
"Evangelical Republicans" and a strong run at the Presidency in 2008.

Under the inspirational, if egomaniacal, leadership
of John Mc Cain, they are reaching out to moderate Democrats, "Realists"
who realize that the traditional Democratic party is dead in the water
and taking on bilge faster than they can bail.

We continue to believe that Colin Powell is a major
player in this emerging coalition, but as astute observers will note,
he is nowhere to be seen. In the considered opinion of the Dowbrigade
he is laying low publicly but extremely active behind the scenes, pulling
strings and praying he didn’t stay aboard the Bush battleship too long
to avoid being infected
with the Bush plague in the minds of the electorate.

He is obviously
praying for that salvation of career politicians in the age of sound
bites and rapidly revolving news cycles – the impaired memory of the
electorate – but his dog and pony show in front
of the
Nations is going to be hard to forget, and easy for electoral opponents
to drag out of the archives in all its self-righteous prestidigitation.

of course, that opposition is the Bush Regime itself, which would
be put in the contorted position of exposing the
perfidy of the ex Secretory of State while avoiding the fact that
said perfidy was at its own behest.  We look forward to an entertaining
and amusing campaign…

WASHINGTON — The caller could barely contain his
anger. ”Who appointed Mc Cain to be head of the Republican Party?" he

”The media," responded conservative talk radio host
Laura Ingraham.

For at least a decade, the political right has dominated
Republican primaries, making it difficult for moderates such as Mc
Cain to emerge as the party’s nominee for president. But with the Monday
agreement, greeted with dismay by interest groups on both the left
and the right, the Arizona senator threw down an early gauntlet, openly
the party’s conservative base.

”The strategy all along is to transcend the swamp
fever of the right, and build a different kind of coalition — with
conservatives, national defense hawks, and moderates who are discomfited
by the influence of the religious right," said Marshall Wittmann,
a former top Mc Cain aide and onetime legislative director for the
Christian Coalition.

from the Boston Globe

Unholy Alliance – related analysis from the Dowbrigade

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