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Belgian identity cards have been printed with spelling mistakes in a bid
to fool forgers.

The identity cards include the country name in the three official Belgian
languages of French, German and Dutch as well as English.

Instead of ‘Belgien’ in German, the ID cars incorrectly say ‘Belgine’
and instead of ‘Belgium’ in English, they say ‘Belguim’.

According to Luc Vanneste, of the government department in charge of issuing
the cards, other errors will be printed on the card to further confound

He said a similar system had proved successful in the United States.

What! The Dowbrigade whips out his driver’s liscence and begins scouring
for mispellings…..Of course, as one of the worst spellers to ever have
been admitted to the English Teacher’s Guild, how would we know?

Better idea – SCAN the liscence, and then OCR it, and run it through
the spell-checker in our word processor. We will blog the results when
they come in from our highly qualified tech team.

In the meantime, has anyone heard of this nefarious government plot
to INTENTIONALLY plant misspelling in official U.S. government documents?
Is Dan Quayle working for the Department of Homeland Security? Do they need copywriters? This could
explain a lot…..

from Ananova

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