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The Party’s Over

Barak Obama is not a black version of John Kennedy. He is a pathetic but apparently successful attempt to repackage tired political hackery as this season’s hot new reality show. And yet, he is not what is wrong with American … Continue reading

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Snap Killings – Lottery of Death

DEKALB, Ill. (AP) — Steven Kazmierczak had the look of a boyish graduate student — except for the disturbing tattoos that covered his arms. Professors and students knew him as a bright, helpful scholar, but his past included a stint … Continue reading

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Dowbrigade Living on Radioactive Waste

Several large properties in the East End of Watertown, including a nearly 12-acre swath of land at Greenough Boulevard and Arsenal Street that was once used to burn depleted uranium from a Watertown Arsenal nuclear reactor, are undergoing close scrutiny … Continue reading

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Watertown Armenian Extreme Bingo

We awoke this morning at the crack of dawn, 6 am, when the weak sunlight seeped through the as yet unspring-cleaned dingy window. We lay in bed thinking about aquatic mammals – specifically, why they don’t die of thirst. Can … Continue reading

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BU Student Gamer Crosses the Line

A part-time Boston University student who hosts a popular video game review show on an MTV Web site allegedly sent an e-mail threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend and recreate the Virginia Tech bloodshed at her school, according to a Boston … Continue reading

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Y J-OnE Kant Rede

We’ve been hearing this crap for far too long. American education is going to the dogs. Test scores are down across the board, in Reading and Writing and Rithmatic. On a list of Average National Test Scores the US is … Continue reading

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Preserving Our Anonymity

Doing a little after-holiday shopping, in preparation for our own personal Christmas, as celebrated by the Church of the Latter Day Savings, we noticed a couple of changes to the most fundamental facet of the holidays, as celebrated in America … Continue reading

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The Coming Islamic Superstate

Over the past several weeks the Dowbrigade has seen a sea change in his feelings about what is happening, and what will happen next, in the Middle East. We no longer see an intractable long-term struggle and the continuing deterioration … Continue reading

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Steal this Identity – Please

It seems that each decade these days can be associated with a particular kind of crime. The 80’s was rife with muggings, in the 90’s carjacking was all the rage, and now, in the brave new millennial decade of the … Continue reading

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Our Audition with the International Jewish Conspiracy

Feelings of empathy lead to actions of helping – but only between members of the same group – according to a recent study in the July issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, an official publication of the Society for … Continue reading

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Get a Life or Get Ahead

Although the Dowbrigade has sworn a blood oath not to blog about the institution for which we work, or any of the people we work with, or any of the students we teach, have taught in the past or may … Continue reading

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Calling All Vegetables

Although the Dowbrigade long ago moved beyond the strict causality of Freud’s theories of sexual repression and psychoses, we are astounded at times by how much of what really motivates people, consciously and subconsciously, is sexual. As someone who wants … Continue reading

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