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Spring in the Air – a Waft of Teargas

Local action in Boston concerning the Homeland Security Gestapo-style raid on the defense-contractor leather factory in New Bedford seems to be percolating up from the grass-roots level. The Dowbrigade position on immigration is that people ought to be able to … Continue reading

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Beer Cat – Watch the Spray

RALEIGH, N.C. — When John Cornwell graduated from Duke University last year, he landed a job as software engineer in Atlanta but soon found himself longing for his college lifestyle. So the engineering graduate built himself a contraption to help … Continue reading

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Symptomatic of Steroid Abuse?

Captain America, a Marvel Entertainment superhero, is fatally shot by a sniper in the 25th issue of his eponymous comic, which arrived in stores yesterday. The assassination ends the sentinel of liberty’s fight for right, which began in 1941. The … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Guys

Trying to reconcile politics and history is both difficult and dangerous. While the one is the essence of here-and-now action, with real-time polling constantly taking the pulse of the electorate and triggering actions in an incestuous feedback loop between the … Continue reading

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Drunk Drivers Exposed

SANTA FE — New Mexico has taken its fight against drunken driving to men’s restrooms around the state. The state has ordered 500 talking urinal cakes that will deliver a recorded anti-DWI message to bar and restaurant patrons who make … Continue reading

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Is the Party Over?

In typical blind-pig fashion, the Dowbrigade did not manage to find this soiree, even after being informed by the ultimate insider, the inestimable adamg of Universal Hub fame, that the secret location was "327 Summer Street – Second Floor – … Continue reading

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Naked Graffiti Party in Boston Tonight

Five paint-covered punks, suspected to be in town for a naked graffiti party in South Boston this weekend, were busted by MBTA police while trying to practice their illegal art on several subway cars, officials said. Three of the five … Continue reading

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Mercy Killing

Transforming the rough craft of lobstering into a gentle art, a New Hampshire outfit has persuaded Whole Foods Market to waive its ban on live lobster sales at a new store opening next week in Portland, Maine. For Whole Foods, … Continue reading

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Don’t Quit the Day Job

Haven’t been posting much lately, as a result of real, interesting work in our non-blogging existence, lack of any specific focus for our spleen or wit, and general indolence. However, any readers interested in the application of technology to higher … Continue reading

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The Looming Nightmare

WASHINGTON — A much anticipated US intelligence report warned yesterday that the rising violence in Iraq could permanently tear the country apart and, in the worst case, create a state of anarchy with no legitimate authority that combines "extreme ethnosectarian … Continue reading

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Lame Duck Soup

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Pancakes and Porn, Upstate Reborn

ONTARIO, N.Y., Jan. 26, 2007 (AP) It’s not your typical church breakfast. An event billed as "Porn and Pancakes" is being hosted by a church in rural upstate New York. The breakfast discussion on the pornography industry in America is … Continue reading

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