Say Goodbye to Radio Free Interent

Music maven and Berkman blogger Sooz made the Globe yesterday, on the front page of the Business section. While this was not where we expected to find Sooz in the paper (Local? National? Arts? Sidekick?) it introduced us to a previously unglimpsed side of her personality.

Sooz, it seems, has her own internet radio station on the popular Live365 streaming audio site. As it happens, Live365 is one of the few premium services that the professionally parsimonious Dowbrigade actually pays for, listening to obscure channels like Momo Radio (Brazilian Funk) and LoungemasterLondon (electronic/chill), so we will add Sooz’s Exploit.Boston channel (Boston indie bands) to our favorite channels list – for as long as it lasts.

The gist of the article is that due to a substancial rise in ther fees internet broadcasters are forced to pay for the rights to use the music. This is not a problem for Howard Stern and satrad, but if it goes into effect it will effectively shut down poor Sooz and her "dozens" of loyal listeners.

We expect to see Sooz this weekend at Barcamp Boston II, a free (registration required) Un-conference to be held at the MIT Stata Center, one of the most discussed recent additions to the local architecture here in Beantown.

This bizarre building is the latest excretion of controversial Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry. We really like what he did with the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, but the Stata Center reminds us of a particularly unpleasant STP trip we took in 1972, at least from the outside.

Hopefully, we will soon get a chance to post from the conference, and get to see what the inside looks like. Pictures and report to follow.

article from the Boston Globe

Bar Camp Boston

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