Our Next Watch

It looks like a slightly oversized wristwatch
and it keeps time with great accuracy – but it is much more than a
watch. It is a wrist computer that includes among its many functions
a global positioning system receiver.

He can check his watch to see if he’s near the right tree: he recorded
the coordinates the year before. And his hands, meanwhile, are free to
carry other things like notebooks and pens.

The watch, which costs about $500, is made by the Finnish company Suunto.
Inside its highly engineered 2.7 ounces are a multitude of functions
for the thoughtful navigator, including an altimeter, electronic compass,
thermometer and barometer, all meant for people who want to know not
only their exact place in the world, but also the prospects of any sudden
change in the weather.

Students take note…

from the
New York Times

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