Virtually the Same

California company owned by the data storage giant EMC Corp. has unveiled
software that lets Apple Computer Inc.’s Macintosh machines run Microsoft
Corp.’s Windows software, side-by-side with Mac programs.

VMware Inc., of Palo Alto, is demonstrating
the software at Apple’s annual developers conference in San Francisco. VMware
hasn’t given the product a name, or decided on a price. But it plans to offer
a beta
version, available for downloading from the Internet, before year’s end.

from the
Boston Globe

The usually reliable
Hiawatha Bray reports on atrailbreaking new product to allow owners
of the new Intel Macs to run OSX, Windows and Linux at the same

But wait a minute…..this sounds familiar.
Our memory is slightly short of
photographic, but we seem to remember….

Personal Technology column looks at Parallels
Desktop for Ma
c, which allows users of Apple Macintosh computers to run the
Windows and OS X operating systems at the same time; finds that the product works
very well, despite some drawbacks; Parallels Desktop goes on sale June 15 for
$79 at the developer’s Web site,

from the Washington Post, June 15,

Actually, InfoWorld already has a nice article
comparing the two products….

Parallels already has a huge head start as it already has a product out and in
the field. They also have their product in brick and mortar store locations,
such as the Apple Store. And they went through a very impressive beta cycle with
Mac owners, asking for input and feedback as to what features should be in the
product. Is their headstart enough? Or will people wait for VMware’s product
to come out of beta?

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