Full Exposure

CARACAS, Venezuela – More than 1,500 Venezuelans shed
their clothes on a main city avenue Sunday to pose for American photographer
Spencer Tunick, forming a human mosaic in front of a national symbol:
a statue of independence hero Simon Bolivar.

As Tunick shouted commands through a megaphone, nude people of every
shape, size and skin tone gathered on the avenue and stairs in front
of the statue just before dawn.

"There are some people over there with clothes, get them out of
there!" said
Tunick, an artist from Brooklyn, N.Y., who has been documenting groups
of nude people in public places around the world since 1992.

Occasional cheers and movements in the enthusiastic crowd made shooting
tough at times, Tunick said.

"It was difficult to work because the people were so exuberant,
so it took a little bit longer, but I got what I wanted," he said
after the session.

"The body represents beauty, love and peace. There was a lot of
beauty and energy in the people today."

from the AP

Dear Mr. Tunick, The People’s Republic of Cambridge
cordially invites you to stage your next nude photo shoot in Harvard
Square. The contrast between the copious layers of intellectual
pretentiousness and lack of clothing will be delicious. Of course, the
aesthetic appeal of naked Cantabridgian flesh will compare unfavorably
with that of Caracas, Brussels, Brazil and Spain, although we may give
London a run for its money. May we suggest the steps of Memorial Church
in Old Harvard Yard, where diplomas are traditionally awarded, as a potential
shoot site….

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