(Reuters) – Burglars in Kazakhstan locked a funeral parlor employee in
a coffin and kept him there unconscious while rummaging for cash in the

Serik Sarsenbayev said he was on his own late at night when two masked
burglars burst into the parlor and beat him until he fainted.

The thieves then nailed him into a wooden coffin and carried on their search
for a money safe, he told Reuters by telephone from the steppe town of

He was later freed by the driver of the parlor’s hearse.

The thieves made away with the equivalent of $23,000 and remain at large,
the daily Express K reported.

from Reuters

What if he hadn’t woken up in time, and had suffocated?. Or worse, been
buried alive, only to wake up in the dark, trapped….Stories
like these bring up early, unpleasant memories of scary
and things
that went bump in the night. Also unanswered questions. Why did
the Hearse driver find him? Why does a funeral parlor have $23,000 in
cash lying around? What’s the difference between fainting and passing
out? Inquiring minds want to know.

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