North Korean Seaweed Candy Makes You Wicked Smart

SEOUL (Reuters) – Candy is dandy for North Korean children trying
to grow tall, strong and smart in a country battling chronic food shortages.

North Korea has developed a candy it claims is good for children and will
help them increase their height, weight and IQ, a pro-North Korea newspaper
published in Japan said on Friday.

"Unlike medications that help growth by clinical methods or hormonal
effects, the growth nutritional candy has no negative side effects," the
Choson Sinbo said, based on an interview with the head of a nutritional
center in the North.

Unlike sugar-packed and chocolate-covered sweets, the North is hoping that
children in the reclusive state will enjoy munching on their nutritional
candy made of seaweed, beans, carrots and sesame seeds, the newspaper said.

Who knew that one could make candy out of beans, carrots and seaweed
that would produce the New Superman? Obviously a plot on the part of
the Sugar Cartels to keep this information from the public. We’ll try
to remember to keep an eye out for tall, heavy, smart North Koreans in
15 or 20 years…

from Reuters

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  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of this before. Do you know if it’s available anywhere outside of Korea?

  2. Wow! This is pretty sweet verbage, I don’t entirely agree but I am still enjoying this.


    REALLy??! -_-………?

  4. Willilams says:

    The article good.
    Thank you.

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