Parking Nazi Innocent of Murder of 97-yr-old Woman on Lesbian Bride Street

of us who do not believe in coincidence are doomed to spending significant
time looking for the correlations in juxtapositions of events such as
the following. First came the case of the Parking Nazi, in Jamaica Plain,
a leafy counter-culture neighborhood in the City of Boston.

Parking Nazi
was one of those ubiquitous urban pains-in-the-ass, who
occasionally go completely off the deep end and become serious public
nuisances. He was obsessed with parking and vehicles violations on his
street. Not just blocking hydrants or lack of a neighborhood parking sticker.
This guy had a list of violations, which included parking on the street
if you had a driveway, out of date registration or inspection stickers,
out-of-state licence plates, taking up more than one space, vanity plates
and bumper stickers, and parking for more than 24 hours without moving.

And, like all true Nazis, he was into "enforcement". He would
start with nasty letters, stuck on windshields, detailing violations and
threatening police, FBI and IRS action. Repeated violations merited escalated
measures including smearing cars with chocolate syrup and feces, scratching
and spray painting. Thank God this guy is off the street (he was arrested

Things got really macabre yesterday, however, with the news that a 97-year
old woman had been murdered
on the same street that the Parking Nazi
was working!

A 97-year-old woman was found dead in her home in Jamaica Plain early
yesterday, and police officers with knowledge of the investigation said
she had been beaten and was wrapped in a blanket.

One of the officers and a neighbor said that a window leading into the
victim’s first-floor apartment had been broken. The officer also said
that her part of the three-family house on St. John Street had been

Minutes before she died, the woman, whom neighbors and friends identified
as Gerda T. Bissett, hit a medical alarm button she usually wore around
her neck to summon help, said the police officers, who spoke on condition
of anonymity. Police, fire, and medical personnel responded at around
4 a.m., police said. They broke down the door and found Bissett dead
on the floor of a bedroom near the front door, the police officers said.

What kind of sick bastard would kill a 97-year old woman who weighed
97 pounds? There is serious evil afoot in Jamaica Plain, and if the Parking
Nazi hadn’t been in custody, he would have been at the top of the suspect

Then, on the local news coverage of the murder last night, who should
pop up as the spokesperson for the "tight-knit" street association
of the Nazi Street of Death, but Julie
, who was one-half of the first same-sex marriage in Massachusetts,
and a plaintiff in tech landmark court case that changed the law and started
the same-sex marriage controversy that continues to rage across the nation.
She also lives on this quiet street in JP

Finally, the news stories are all quoting the district’s representative.on
the Boston City Council, up and coming Boston Pol, and instigator of the
Wi-Fi Summit
, John Tobin!

Our mind is working overtime, and yet we can’t get a handle on the disparate
threads of this nexus of news. What is happening in Jamaica Plain? Is
it something in the water? Biblical retribution for such a concentration
of philistine sin? What is the connection between the Parking Nazi, the
murdered great-great-great grandmother, same-sex marriage and Councilor
Tobin? These are the questions that keep us up at night…

story from the Herald

from the Globe

John Tobin’s web site (no comment,
so far)


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7 Responses to Parking Nazi Innocent of Murder of 97-yr-old Woman on Lesbian Bride Street

  1. Heinrich Himmler says:

    Knew it was only a matter of time before you starting writing about Nazi’s again. Hope everything is going well.

  2. adamg says:

    Tobin did note the arrest of the alleged parking Nazi.

  3. phil says:

    Julie Goodridge was back in the news today, when the Supreme Judicial Court issued Doyle v. Goodridge. (They rejected Doyle’s request to halt gay marriages until a possible voter referendum regarding a constitutional amendment banning them.)

  4. Victor says:

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  5. jpjake says:

    Wow ,still nothing new about that poor ladies murder.i lived on St John the time of the murder and the police never so much as spoke to anyone in my house or any of my neighbors–it seemed like a pretty half ass effort–also I was a victimof the parking nazi(so was my wife)I had parked to close to a drive way(the punishment for that was a coke dumped all over my car)my wife had her tires slshed for the same offense.

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