Mother’s Day Entertainment Around Boston

Boston area free events for Mother’s Day include a Holocaust memorial
at Faneuil Hall, a counter memorial by
White Supremicists,
a counter-counter-demonstration from Anarchist and Antifascist groups.  Sounds
like fun. Take Mom, but don’t forget the gas masks….

Arkansas-based white supremacist group plans to protest a Holocaust
remembrance event
at Faneuil
and appear
in nearby communities, prompting security preparations by officials
in Lexington and Somerville, as well as in Boston, authorities confirmed

The group, White Revolution, has not applied for a permit in Boston or
the other locations where they plan to appear, officials said, but police
and the Holocaust event’s organizers said they are ready for potential
trouble. White Revolution’s chairman, Billy Roper, said in
a telephone interview last night that he and another group member from
Arkansas plan to connect with supporters from New England this weekend.
He said he hopes to draw about 100 people to protest near the Holocaust
memorial for two to three hours Sunday afternoon despite not having a
permit as the city requires for protests.

”One doesn’t need a permit to practice the First Amendment," Roper

He said his group plans to remain peaceful and abide by police orders.
”I really feel like it’s an opportunity to present a counterpoint to
the establishment position on not only the Holocaust, but . . . the overall
affect of Jewish influence on American foreign and domestic policy."

Based on Internet postings, Roper said, he expects counterdemonstrations
from anarchist and antifascist groups.

from the Boston

White Revolution web page (with
lots of info on this weekend’s action)

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  1. Heinrich Himmler says:

    Thanks for the free publicity. Will you be joining us?

  2. adamg says:

    Oh, good gravy. Or you could just show up at the Make Way for Ducklings parade through Beacon Hill, starting at 1.

  3. Great article! I love Mother’s Day because it’s a day to give appreciation to all the hard working mothers out there.

    If you’re a mother, go to the link below for your free Mother’s Day gift!

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