Tips to Help You Help the Agribusiness Economy

to! USDA hopes the updated food pyramid, MyPyramid, will
help to ease much of the confusion that has come from so-called "doctors" and "scientists" claiming
that their independent, repeatable experimentation has shown red meat,
processed foods, agrichemicals and irradiation to be unhealthy for people
and the planet.

Many of USDA’s top officials have worked in the Agribusiness
industry, providing the expertise necessary to develop a pyramid
that best represents the truth about healthy eating — it’s not what
to the
food before it gets to your table, but simply that you eat substantial
servings of all foods — Following these guidelines will help ensure
the health of American families while guaranteeing the health of
Agribusiness Corporations around the world.

Tips to help you help the Agribusiness economy:

  • Make half your grains refined
  • Review nutrition labels, but base your selection of food products on the packaging
    pictures you find most attractive
  • High fructose corn syrup counts as one of your daily servings of grains
  • Vary your veggie packaging to include plastic
  • Drink milk
  • Protein from meat is delicious
  • Increase your physical activity so you can eat more

If you are having technical difficulties, it’s probably because you
do not have new and/or expensive enough equipment. If that’s the case,
then you are probably not in our target demographic* and lack the financial
means to have a significant impact on the Agribusiness economy anyways.

No, the USDA has not sold out lock, stock and barrel to Agrabusiness
– this lookalike site is the work of husband and wife satyrists Stephen
Eisenmenger and Molly Nutting. Very funy and worth a visit.

site from

article from Boston Globe

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