War Drivers Among Us

an alternative to the WAG list of Boston
area Wi-fi hotspots
, the Dowbrigae
has recently been consulting an interesting site called WiFiMaps.com.

This site is the real deal, it mantains a constantly updated database
of hotspots as reported by "War Drivers", who are either the Apache
Scouts of the Wireless Revolutionary Army, or a bunch of geeks with way
too much time on their hands, riding around in cars with notebooks and
wifi scanners.

Any way, here is the link if you wnat to check out YOUR neighborhood….

– Wardriving Maps and Hotspot Locator

This is a web-based interactive map of wardriving data. Wardrivers
upload their findings, and we draw the data atop detailed street-level
maps. This project
was built using a variety of free or open source software packages.
Be alert that you are anonymous. Click here to create a user account,
or Login. Your
uploads will be credited to Anonymous.

from WiFiMaps.com

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