Comic of the Day


from Ted Rall

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6 Responses to Comic of the Day

  1. carpundit says:

    Ted Rall is an idiot. His cartoons evince a fundamental misunderstanding of the world and a hysterical response to that misperception. By republishing his work without comment, you endorse it and leave the impression that you accept his ideas as your own.

  2. Michael Feldman says:

    Jesus, Carpundit, it’s a COMIC! Lighten up!

  3. carpundit says:

    It is disingenuous of you to fall back on “it’s a comic.” If you were after yuks, you’d put up Dilbert or an old Far Side or something. Rall isn’t about yuks. He’s about off-the-wall editorial, which you seem to be adopting.

    I guess my main issue is that I’d like to see your take on it. Maybe you agree with Rall across the board (as your silence implies), but maybe not. Why leave us guessing? You’re not normally so shy.

  4. George Orwell says:

    Don’t worry Carpundit. We are watching closely. All in good time.

  5. In my opinion you stole this article and placed on another site. I’ve seen it now.

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