Take Us to Your Loss Leader

love posting the latest shots from the world of High Fashion, especially
those that come from France, our cultural cradle and the gold standard
of all things stylish, sophisticated and chic.

Portugal’s version of Paris
Fashion Week is ModaLisboa, a biannual event introduced
in 1991. Unlike events in Milan and Paris,
where fashion designers rent chic locations throughout the city, each
immersing guests in an ambience that reflects a particular label, for
three days ModaLisboa offers 16 designers a communal stage. Shows take
place in a former fruit-auction hall on the Alc?ntara Dock, overlooking
the Tagus River. Twice a year this warehouse dons the trappings of
a fashion theatre, including entrance hall, lounge, VIP area and, of

In the accompanying photo, we see a model presenting an outfit by Portuguese
designer Dino Alves in Lisbon during ModaLisboa. In addition to being haute
coture, this outfit protects wearers from atmospheric contamination and
projectile vomit.

picture from Frame

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