The World’s Richest People

The new list of the richest people in the world just came out in Forbes
magazine.  As Robert Orben says, "Every day I get up and look through
the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I
to work."

rich had a very good year.

The collective net worth of the 691 billionaires we could find is $2.2
trillion, up $300 billion from the combined worth of the 587 people
listed last year.
Every region saw gains. The world’s richest moguls now hail from 47 countries,
including, for the first time, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and even Iceland.
The newcomers include 69 Americans and 38 Europeans. More than half of
them are entirely self-made.

Bill Gates, of course, still holds down the top position ($49 billion)
but Warren Buffet is hot on his heels ($44 billion). The top ranking
women to make the list were the Walton Girls, tied at 13th ($18 billion).

from Forbes Magazine

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  1. In history the richest people ate and had the most meats and even now the richest folk do not eat raw foods or even know about raw food and health.

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