Women’s Day in a Man’s World

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.

Timothy Leary (1920 – 1996)

woe unto the women, for they are doomed to live in a man’s world.

Mired near the tail end of a five-thousand year stretch of out-of-control
male madness and machismo, we long for the forgotten sanity of a stable
matriarchy. We have long been convinced that the banes of modern existence
– war, taxes and the fashion industry, would disappear if women were
in charge.

In fact, the future survival of the human race may depend on finding
a more functional balance between the male and female principles in organizing
our society.

So here is one male, as foolishly macho as most of his ilk, who recognizes
the innate superiority of the "weaker" sex, and prays that the patriarchial
madness ends before its too late. In the meantime, we have reserved the domain “machos4matriarchy.com”….


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