Tongue Taboo on Back or Breast

is the hobgoblin of small minds, but let no one accuse the folks at the
NFL front offices of being small-minded. Official NFL gear
licence outlets around the country are authorized to put customer’s
names, nicknames or slogans on the backs of Official NFL Jerseys – with
a few

1,159 exceptions to be exact.  For example, if you want to wear
"Terrorist Fag Hitler" on the back of your Patriot’s jersey – Hey, no
problem.  But
if you want "I Love Beer" or "Black Out", fuggedabouddit, unless you
can find a black-market, off-the-books jersey chop shop willing to do
a down and dirty job on the sly for a few extra bucks.

Other seeming contradictions – "Doggy Style" is verboten, but "Missionary
Position" is OK

Anything with "Fuck" (Bumblefuck, Clusterfuck, etc.) is out, but us
Yids can get away with "schtup” and “schlong”.

Even creative misspellings like "Phque"
are on the forbidden list

Erection is out on Jerseys, but OK on commercials

"Barf Face" is bad, but "Bar Fly" is OK

"Budweiser" is illegal, but Miller, Iron City, Rolling Rock and Sam
Adams are still OK

Finally, the list recently came up for review when fans of New England
Patriots safety Randall Gay were unable to buy shirts with his name
on the back. The rules were changed in his case, but fans of the
Jet’s Reggie Tongue
are still forced to hold their’s.

article from Fox

of banned words

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