Beware of the Boogeyman

confession – the Dowbrigade has not watched a scarry movie all the
way through
since Vincent Price’s "Premature Burial". The last scary movie we TRIED
to watch was that one where you watch the video and then die seven days
later. Even though we turned it off midflick, we still jump every time
the phone rings just after a video finishes.

Now, in what could be the
start of a smart marketing trend, a British web
the first
five minutes
of Sony Pictures new thriller hit "Boogeyman"
on their web site. We
have been trying to work up the nerve to watch it all afternoon.

Of course, two-minute movie trailers have existed for years, and
are all over the net. However, these are usually unrealistic compilations
of eye candy, one-liners and money shots, and give no idea what the
movie is actually going to be like. The first five minutes would be
a much more representative sampling. It could potentially help
us avoid dropping mucho dinero on duds and bombs at the local Megaplex,
which is probably why it will never catch on.

Meanwhile, we are almost ready to take a peek at the first
five minutes of "Boogeyman"
. Or maybe we’ll wait until
we stop having these claustrophobic nightmares of waking up inside
a sealed crypt.

from Ananova

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