Dowbrigade Cracks High Fashion

Once again the Dowbrigade
is on the cutting edge of haute couteur.  For years our sons have
chided us as we drove them to traveling soccer games or stalked supermarket
aisles in our always-fashionable grey sweatpants, "Dad, your crack’s

As this photo of a model presenting
a creation as part of Cavalera’s 2005 Fall/Winter collection show during
Sao Paulo Fashion Week, January 25, 2005 shows,
we were merely years ahead of the fashion wave.  Now all we have to
do is move to Brazil and we won’t have to be pulling our pants up all the

from Reuters

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8 Responses to Dowbrigade Cracks High Fashion

  1. Veronica says:

    thats hilarious…plumbers butt

  2. Layla says:

    That’s a hilarious shot on an odd fashion statement.

  3. aa says:

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  4. Mimi N. says:

    The designer definitely got that idea after having a visit from a plumber!

  5. are you serious? who would wear that? sometimes fashion shows are just ridiculous!

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