One For The Road

Just a quick post from the office before we head to the airpost. It was surprisingly easy to cut the cord on our cable modem this morning – the server was down when we tried to post at 6 am (its hard to sleep in when you are sleeping on a naked futon in the middle of an empty room with no curtains on the windows), and we couldn’t even get into the Dowbrigade News to blog.

We are sure this fortuitious failure saved us (and you) from a maudlin on-line scene where we described in agonizing detail the seven stages of separation we needed to go through to end our connectivity voluntarily.

There is a non-urgent story about Pooh Bear and Eywore suing Donald and Mickey (actually a patent lawyer who bought up the rights to A.A.Milne’s creations is suing Walt Disney, Inc.) which will just have stay in blogging pergaory until we return.

We know we are babbling. If you had gone through what we have in the past four days, you would be too, or worse. Hasta pronto.

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One Response to One For The Road

  1. Michael's Mom says:

    OK, Michael, time to stop blubbering and get on with it. As your Grandmother, Ivana the Terrible, used to say, “just remember the starving Armenians and eat your spinach”. Time to eat your spinach.
    Love, Mom

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