St. Jean of East Cambridge

Church of Days Later Savings
has a new saint. Saint Jean of East Cambridge
has appeared out of nowhere to offer sanctuary to the Dowbrigade
cats for the duration of the Great Experiment. We DO believe in miracles.

Jean is a lawyer who was a student of Spanish with Norma Yvonne because
she defends many Spanish speakers, largely on drug charges.  Thrice

As Marmonidies wrote in his Eight
Degrees of Charity
, one of the highest forms
of giving is when one knows not to whom the gift is given and receives
no credit for it. We are not sure this qualifies exactly, but its right
up there.

When we return Jean will have an extended series of free Spanish lessons
as well as four new friends for life (two human and two feline). Thanks
to all who expressed concern and interest.

On with the move.  Beds next.



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  1. What a beautiful Picture! Like the idea of Charity

    Best Regards
    Paul Easton

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