Nude Ski Races in Austria


from six nations – including Britain – swapped their ski gear for g-strings
in Austria’s first nude skiing competition.

Organisers said they were delighted after 84 skiiers braved temperatures
of 28 F to compete in the first Nude Ski Race, in Hochfuegen.

Competitors were asked to perform two jumps for the judges before downing
a glass of schnapps and finishing the race with a five-point pirouette.

Organiser Ernst Erlebach said: "Most of the skiers wore g-strings,
bikinis, swimming trunks or underwear. Five women even skied with bare

Authorities had threatened to pull the plug on the entire race unless
the skiers at least covered their private parts. Werner Kostenzer, head
of the local tourism board, said: "We need
to keep at least some decency. Nobody is allowed to ski naked."

from Ananova



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4 Responses to Nude Ski Races in Austria

  1. Petr says:

    Everyone is allowed to do naked what he wants.

  2. Love that photo! I will have to visit Austria 🙂

  3. BrianRS says:

    Great idea but probably best to wait until the spring sunshine is around, otherwise it could be a bit chilly. Also don’t try this in Canada when temperatures with windchill can be -44C

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