Boys ARE Stupid – But Belay the Rocks

no one can argue with the wisdom contained on these cute shirts, the
Dowbrigade can clearly see why they should be pulled from store shelves
just as fast as they can be rounded up. Why, this is a lawsuit just waiting
to happen. The first time some lanky young future WNBA star wings
a rock at a cootie-infested geek-in-training on an elementary school
playground, rendering him senseless or worse, the culprit’s mother is
sure to sue David and Goliath (whose very name is testimony to the power
a well-aimed rock can do) for being responsible for inciting the child
to throw the
stone. Or better yet, a class action suit, on behalf of all the stupid
boys out there terrified by the implicit threat in these garments….

YORK – The T-shirts and pajamas are meant to be funny, with cartoon
captions like "Boys Are Stupid – Throw Rocks At Them." But
some protesters, encouraged by a fathers-rights talk show host, are
unamused and have
pressured three retail chains into dropping the merchandise.

The products in question – an array of girls’ clothes and accessories
– are manufactured or licensed by David & Goliath, a T-shirt company
based in Clearwater, Fla.

Its chief designer, Todd Goldman, has created a series of cartoonish
graphics used on the merchandise with what he intended to be humorously
themes. "Boys Are Smelly – Throw Garbage Cans At Them," says
one. "The Stupid Factory – Where Boys Are Made," says another.

from the Miami Herald

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  1. Jean says:

    Great website, I never understood why customized tshirts have never taken off…

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