More Flights Canceled

WASHINGTON, Jan. 2 British Airways canceled another flight to the United
States on Friday as the Bush administration faced questions from American
allies about the reliability of the intelligence information that has
led to the recent rash of flight cancellations.

The British airline grounded a flight from London to Washington – the
third cancellation over all in 24 hours – and canceled a flight scheduled
for Saturday from London to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Seven international flights have now been canceled since last Saturday
after the Bush administration began an aggressive approach to defending
American airspace when the nation was put on orange or "high" alert
on Dec. 21. Administration officials said no arrests had been made in
connection with any of the more than a dozen international flights subjected
to rigorous scrutiny. And officials have acknowledged that even now,
they are uncertain whether they have succeeded in foiling a terrorist

"I don’t think we know yet, and we may never know," a senior
administration official said.

from the New York Times

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